Mammoth Cave Canoe and Kayak

Mammoth Cave Canoe & Kayak 
1240 Old Mammoth Cave Road, Cave City, KY 42127

Toll Free 877-59CANOE (877-592-2663)

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The mists can add to the experience.There are many places to take a break from paddling.

Meandering through the forest of Mammoth Cave National Park like a sleek eyed reptile, undisturbed but totally breathtaking, is the Green River.  It's name comes from the fact that because of its depth, sunlight filters through the water making it appear green in color.  The hills and hollows of Mammoth Cave that enclose the Green River are noted for their abundant wildlife and natural beauty.   In fact, Green River is known as one of the most biologically diverse rivers in North America with 82 species of fish.   As you meander along with the flow of the river, you also stand a great chance of glimpsing some of the abundant wildlife in the area: deer, wood ducks, turtles, kingfishers, and great blue herons, as well as squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons.   Canoeing down the river is the best way to see the beauty of the area and is only equaled by the underground treks of caves taken by many each year.

Playing in the water is a favorite pasttime!
Photo from Upper Green River

Regardless of your ability, Mammoth Cave Canoe & Kayak will be able to fulfill the needs of you, your family, and friends. The Boy Scouts in this picture show what a great time you can have!

Reservations are not necessary except for large groups. Contact us at 1-270-773-3366  or 1-877-59-CANOE (592-2663).


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